Afifah Othman


Water and Hazards

Catalogue of Measures,Buochs

Research_Master Sem 4

Studio_Prof. Dieter Geissbühler


Location_Buochs, Nidwalden-CH

Typology_Water hazards, speculative, infrastructure, town planning

This catalogue of measures investigate an alternative narrative for the village of Buochs, Nidwalden in relation to water and danger. The narrative is tested using 1:1000 scale models to study the effect of flooding on the tested area in Buochs and provide a speculative hydrology system and focuses three architectural measures such as the bächli, building conglomeration and micro basin that relate to landscape, building culture and water. The measures are explored at schematic level in different areas using architectural drawings and provide different situations of use during dry and water situation. The architectural strategies will provide an alternative narrative for the village of Buochs and a different manifestation to the culture of water.