Afifah Othman


The New Village Depot

New museum collection depot for Ballenberg Open Air Museum

Research_Master Thesis

Supervisor_Prof. Dieter Geissbühler & Prof. Dr. Uwe Teutsch


Location_Ballenberg, Bern-CH

Typology_Collection depot, Museum, Barn

The brief for the project was to develop a collection depot for Ballenberg Open Air Museum, Bern. The functional areas were given and included in the new depot. Design were developed with condition of the facade adapting to the village scale and vernacular architecture setting in Ballenberg. Theoritical research were done on Classical Modernity by Stanilaus Von Moos and Karl Freidrich Schinkel with intention that the new depot could showcase the idea of Classical Modernity as the most advanced architectural style.
In order to maintain the village scale, a ‘village’ concept was adopted to accommodate about 6000 m2 of functional area and act as an entrance for the museum.
The design process of the structure were developed from the idea of simple the grid as a basic understanding of building structure using wood, as material connected to the vernacular architecture in Ballenberg. The research of the structure, taken from wooden furniture scale inspired by Japanese wood workings, was adapted to the large span of the storage buildings using the principle used by Robert Mallaird in Magazini Generali, 1925. This method allowed the space of 80x20m to be free span. The architecture of the depots were developed by segregating the public and private spaces with ‘hanging columns’. This project is a testament to Classical Modernity as the most advanced architectural style after the Swiss Chalet, in the context of collection depot for an open-air museum in Ballenberg.