Afifah Othman


Carona_Infrastructure as Landscape

Parking and visitor centre for Carona

Research_Master Sem 3

Studio_Felix Weinstein & Ludovica Mulo


Location_Carona, Ticino-CH

Typology_Parking, Village, Public, Landscape, Infrastructure

Time stops when one is in Carona. Like back in time during the Romanticism era. Beyond the landscape and Romantiscism, there is a problem of traffic with cars in the nucleo. Design methodologies that were used include a personal interpretation collage of tourism, infrastructure and landscape and photographical analysis of a book called Carona Ieri, by Andreoli. He showed old images of people in Carona from the 1920s to 1950s using the in-side and outside spaces. These photos showcased how their public infrastructure were used ; to rest, to learn and teach, to play.This humility in the usage of infrastructure shown back in time was what I proposed to include in my new intervention as an infrastructure for Carona. I proposed to make the nucleo free of cars and to park at the edges of the nucleo, but allowing the PostAuto bus to go through the route. This bus for Carona should be continued as the story of Carona.